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In Issue 002, The Optic highlighted the theme of connection — how photography is a mode for photographers to connect with their subjects and for the viewers to connect with the photographer and their visions of the world. This theme allows the viewer to be a part of the intimate moment between the photographer and the subject. We are so grateful to our fantastic team for tirelessly bringing this project to life and are extremely excited about how the featured photographers have interpreted and executed this semester's theme. 


As The Optic has built a close team over the past semesters, we thought this theme was perfect for highlighting the meaningful relationships between The Optic, the Brown University photography community, and the passionate students who continue to support us. Once again, we are so grateful that these photographers have believed in this publication to showcase their work, and this is a testament to the trust we have and will continue to build.


We cannot thank you all enough for reading Issue 002. We hope you enjoy it! 



Mason Lane and Natasha Joukowsky


Co-Founder and President:
Mason Lane Rudnick 

Co-Founder and Vice President:
Natasha Joukowsky 

Chief Operating Officer:
Sidney Schwartz 

Managing Editor:
Luke Abramowitz 

Art Director:
Daniela Perez 
Curatorial Advisor:
Skye Alex Jackson 

Website Design:
Maxime Raphael Seknadje
Stella Biase 

Social Media Director:
Sam Merkle

Social Media Assistant:
Carolina Cardini

Finance Director:
Jake Kelly

Communications Director:
Elliott Stephanopoulos

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