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Join Our Team!

(applications for fall 2023 now closed)

Here at the Optic, there are lots of ways to get involved. You can read about the various positions at the Optic below. 

Chief Operating Officer

Plans all monthly meetings and assigns members their tasks.

Graphic Designer

Helps with creating graphics and illustrations to the website and social deliverables.

Communications Director

Writes all emails and manages all written work on website and messaging.

Social Media Director

Plans all posts, feed, finds inspiration images, curates our look.

Website Designer

Manages everything involving website design.

Social Media Assistant

Helps director with everything related to social media. 

Finance Coordinator

Handles all finances and optimizes resources; helps to deliberate with advertisers, vendors, etc. for best prices.

Art Director

Outlines the artistic vision for the magazine - what should work each month, helps to come up with concepts for graphic design, and helps with/approve of layout for the website and feed, must understand Indesign and other layout/photo-editing tools.

Events Coordinator

Comes up with concepts for events and brings them to fruition; organizes special events.

General Member

Is interested in attending Optic events, speaker series, and mixers but is not a part of our editorial board.

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