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Meet the Team

Our Roles

Co-Founder and President
Mason Lane Rudnick (

Serving President and Editor-in-Chief
Sam Merkle (

Vice President and Managing Editor
Luke Abramowitz (

Co-Chief Operating Officers

Naomi Deokule (
Gaby Shiro (

Chief Financial Officer
Jake Kelly (

Financial Team
Christian Davis (
Hannah Sellers (

Chief Website Designer
Blake Ankner (

Web Team
Nathan Gold (
Geneva Bass (

Events Director

Sofia Kassalow (

Events Team
Aiden Pesce (
Hannah Sellers (

Curatorial Advisor
Skye Jackson (

Social Media Director

Stella Propp (

Assistant Social Media Director
Lola Byrd (

Chief Graphic Designer

Olivia Bluming (

Art Director
Bella Cook (

Communications Directors
Emma Gallant (
Elliott Stephanopoulos (

Assistant Communications Director
Emma Zwall (

Image Director
Orson Ophir (

Assistant Image Director
Manuela Sepúlveda (manuela.sepulveda.msc@gmail)

Optic Alumnae

Co-Founder and Vice President
Natasha Joukowsky (

Chief Operating Officer
Sidney Schwartz (

Website Design Director
Maxime Raphael Seknadje (
Stella Biase (

Art Director
Daniela Perez (
Selena Yang (

Graphic Design Director
Carolina Cardini (

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