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Inez & Vinoodh

Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin, famously known as Inez & Vinoodh, are some of the most sought-after fashion photographers in the industry. The iconic Dutch creatives are partners in art and life whose editorial and commercial work versatility has propelled them through over 30 years in the fashion industry with iconic campaigns and notable clientele. 

Since the start of their careers, the pair has set themselves apart due to their collaborative efforts and early use of digital photography and photo-editing techniques. As analyzed by, Inez and Vinoodh’s work is founded on paradoxes: “exquisite meets freakish; mundane meets surreal; glamorous meets grotesque.” They swerve between spheres of fashion, fine art, commercials, and more by going from being the go-to team for Chanel, V Magazine, Burberry, and Michael Kors to exhibits at Gagosian. 

Additionally, the pair founded Double Dutch, an online charity that allows users to buy a card featuring artworks by exclusive creators to send to a friend and attach a cash amount to a charity of the gifter's choice. As Double Dutch describes — “Your friend receives the art, the charity receives the donation, and there is less trash in landfills and more happy people.

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how it began

"It was always there since I grew up with a fashion journalist mother. She brought French Vogue home from Paris each season and the images formed my ideas on everything"

- Inez

SH22015 CVO 09E IV.jpg
SH20011 PVO 09E IV .jpg

how it began

"As a teenager going to museums, galleries and theater and observing other people"

- Vinoodh

creative inspiration

"All the amazing people we have in front of our lens"


- Inez

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"I am lucky that my work is my hobby"

"Three years ago we started on the visual language for the ready-to-wear world for Chanel with Virginie Viard"

   - Vinoodh

favorite project

"Making our retrospective book and exhibition was a wonderful way to show how our work comes from 2 brains on 2 pages"


- Inez

The Angle -- Inez_edited_edited.jpg
The Angle - Vinoodh 2023_edited.jpg

advice to creative entrepreneurs

"Study for as long as you can so you can build up your library of ideas and experiment without pressure"

- Inez

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